What You’ll Learn:


  • Foundational understanding and key frameworks of systematic quant and artificial intelligence
  • New market signals and dynamics that require an updated approach to be successful and generate alpha
  • Conditions when quantitative and AI strategies thrive and struggle

Exclusive Bonus: Due Diligence Cheat Sheet to evaluate AI investment strategies

Wednesday, December 8th at 4pm ET / 1pm PT 
Length: 45 min.


As the rules of the financial markets have started to enter a new phase through the continuous introduction of new technologies and abilities to process data better than ever, it is the responsibility of every Investment Advisor to explore the opportunities of new investment approaches. It is very normal to get lost in the ever-increasing emergence of technologies and terminologies.

In this live session, we have broken down new technical approaches and provide a clear understanding of how to analyze them for your clients’ portfolio.

You will complete this short 45min session with actionable learnings that you will be able to convert immediately into action.

Our Speakers

Max Gokhman, CIO AlphaTrAI

As CIO of AlphaTrAI Max leads all investment management, R&D, and thought leadership. Previously, Max was the Head of Asset Allocation for Pacific Life where he managed over $33 billion and has over 16 years’ portfolio management experience in quantitative finance. Max is frequently asked to discuss his views with major media outlets and speak at global investment conferences. He is a member of the Milken Institute and is a CFA charterholder. Outside of work, Max is an amateur racecar driver competing at tracks across the west coast.

Andreas Roell, CEO AlphaTrAI


Andreas Roell is CEO of AlphaTrAI, in addition to, Managing Partner at Analytics Ventures, a Venture Formation Fund focused on starting new ventures with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at their core. Mr. Roell oversees AV’s incubation and operations efforts, leading carefully selected ventures from inception, to product validation and operational acceleration. Ventures under his direct leadership currently range from health, advertising, business intelligence, and cloud solutions.