About Us

We were founded on the belief that the time is now for asset management to take advantage of the latest in technology, machine learning, algorithms and automation.

AlphaTrAI strives to provide investors with the most reliable, sustainable and insightful algorithmic based financial products.

Our Story

Our culture is one of constant innovation and learning. We continually develop, stress-test, and incorporate bold new ideas and technologies into our investment strategies.

AlphaTrAI originated in 2017 inside the leading U.S. based AI venture studio alongside other state-of-the-art machine learning technologies. These innovations include FDA-cleared breast cancer detection software, a thermal imagery-based infrastructure analysis software, and algorithms to predict and classify space weather events from NASA spacecraft data.

AlphaTrAI’s unique blend of highly skilled scientists, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, and veterans of the financial industry gives us the range of perspectives essential to approaching asset management with a combination of industry-accepted best practices and cutting-edge AI science.

As a result, each of our products evolves out of a unified foundational philosophy – to capture value for clients through superior technological innovation.


Andreas Roell

Bruce Lavine
President, Asset Management

Max Gokhman
Chief Investment Officer

Bill Dwyer
Executive Chairman

Katherine Paulson
Chief Marketing Officer

Gary DiCenzo
Senior Advisor

Hudson Cooper
Director, Risk & Algorithmic Research

Yury Kiselev
Director, Algorithmic Research

Jason Wilkes
Director, Infrastructure & Machine Learning


Karyn Williams
Chief Advisor

Navid Alipour
Founder and Director, Analytics Ventures

John Cooper
Former Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Dan Kreuter
Chairman, Gladstone Group

Amy Wierenga
Chief Risk Officer, GCM Grosvenor

Andrew Malloy
Founder of ATMalloy & Partners LLC Family Office Consultants

John Culbertson
Board Member and Strategic Advisor at Context Capital Partners

Jose Pierre
CEO, Marketware International

Dominic Janssens
Private Investor | Senior Advisor | former COO of Macquarie Investment Management