AI Equity Trading Platform

by Analytics Ventures

Meet AlphaTrAI

Investment Platform of the Future

Resulting from a multi-year development by some of the World's leading experts in Artificial Intelligence, Analytics Ventures is proud to provide financial investors with the ability to become part of the most advanced use of Artificial Intelligence for financial markets.

Taking advantage of an unprecedented use of AI techniques for event detection and price predictions, AlphaTrAI is a fully automated approach to trading financial products. 

Becoming a shareholder in AlphaTrAI provides the ability not only to own equity, but also gain preferential trading investment rights.


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AI Equity Trading Platform

by Analytics Ventures

AI Financial Trading Platform

by Analytics Ventures

Why Invest?

Artificial Intelligence

Proprietary algorithms based on a fusion of physics, neural networks and machine learning have led to leading detection of financial market events and price prediction.


Fully automated trading platform for buying and selling any form of assets.

No Fees

No trading or success fees charged to investors.

Liquid Investment

Ability to draw trading capital in an ongoing, short horizon environment.


Trading algorithms have been built and validated to perform with uncorrelated profile against the respected market trends.

Risk Control

Risk limitations, such as drawn down controls, included to yield highest performance consistency with lowest risk.



“The team has mastered trading algorithms in a way that considers the nuances of the financial trading ecosystem.”

— Chauncey Lufkin, CEO Lufkin Adivsors

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